3 ways To get Seo Recommended Traffic To your Blog

There are so many Seo Tips shared by the so called “Seo Gurus” many give over 1000 ways to handle a technique which can be categories just into 3 Seo Tactics.

Not all traffic are worth having some times most traffic does more harm than good to your blog.

Surprised ?

Don’t be some traffic are not seo recommended, using malicious way to gte seo traffic s regarded as Seo Black hat, under this category, people go as far as buying links to there blog, which is prohibited on Google webmaster Guidelines.

Truth remains, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you if you break the rules the penalty is some where waiting for you.

Happy to share today are 5 proved ways to get Seo Recommended traffic to your Blog.

1) social share content

2) gain high quality back links

3) allow comments on post.

social share content

      The social media is a trusted place to gain more traffic to your blog, eg twitter,facebook,linked in,reddit and many others, many people neglects how important facebook is seeming to forget that a visitor from trusted social network is far better than a visitor from numerous sites with no trust.

However Most Tends to misuse the social privileges given to them and thus over us them.

Social Content should be shared and should be viewed as your own blog, and at such necessary precautions should be taken while social sharing content.

2) Linking To high PR Blogs.

      Building Links Is one good way to get traffic, wait a minute let me take you through a tour on how this works.

High PR Blogs gain high clicks from SEPR , you link to them increase your Web rank, since all result displayed on search engine are based on there Google page rank, thus the higher your page rank the higher your organic clicks

3) Allow Comments on Post

    most search engine belief in internal links, how many safe quality links through comment is your site able to produce,and this could only be archived by allowing comments on your blog,but to an extent, imagine a blog, who receives comment of mainly 2million ranks on his blog comment, the involved blog would be doing t self more harm than good.

What’s The way out?

Many Bloggers Prefer linking content themselves and disabling links on comment form, no mater what your reason might be its always advisable you don’t have a comment form on your blog.

However, Many commenters unknowingly add valuable potential rankable keyword on your Blog, and if your comment is index by google you get to seen on that page if another person searches that same question on google.

That’s it, no matter what you do , no matter what you blog, never forget social network, links building and most especially, comments


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