You Recently purchased an Apple iPad, but you’re stuck thinking of what applications you can download into your tablet in order to maximize and enjoy its usage. Am here to help with 8 important applications on your ipad. I would outline the top 8 important applications on your ipad that you need to download and install on your ipad below:

1. iBooks   

ibook application for ipad

ibook application for ipad

When it comes to reading ebooks on your iPad, the best and ultimate ebook reading App you can install on your iPad is the iBook Reader. Simply Get it from the link above. Although their are lots of ebook readers for iPad users, you can get alternatives like Stanza reader.

2. FlipBoard

This is a social iPad application that turns your tablet into a social magazine. It simply adds up your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social network into one mighty magazine style experience. Guess what, CNN and sports news are inclusive in this application.

3.  Skype

This is one of the best cross-platform video calling services. You can choose to video call with them, send them a message, or make a regular voice call, and all these depends on your internet connection strength. Don’t you think this is great?

4. Youtube

Nothing beats the official Youtube Application when it comes to streaming videos on your iPad tablet. You can watch the videos in full screen mode, swipe back to the channel to select a video and lots more other fun you can catch with this. It is worth giving a try.

5.  Fab

Do you want to go shopping on your iPad? If yes, then Fab is an online shopping client you need to install on your Apple iPad. Simply download and install immediately and you won’t regret you did.

6. Virtuso

Turn your iPad into a virtual mini piano using this free virtuoso app. It is great and light for your iPad platform. I really love this cos it’s something I can’t do without when I want to have fun. You too can give it a try.

7. PhotoShop Touch

For photo freaks, here is a basic photo editing tool for your iPad device. You can crop, flip, straighten and rotate images using this great image tool. But it is not a free app like others, it’s worth $9.99 only.

8. Dictionary.com

We’ve talked about entertainment and social iPad Apps, well, let’s talk education now. Dictionary.com is a dictionary iPad based application. You’ll also get vocal pronunciations of each word if you wish to listen. It’s worth $25 only.

I guess you enjoyed this list of 8 best iPad Apps, and would download them immediately to your device.do not forget to subscribe to our feeds for more updates thank you

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