Best 5 casual games for iPad

   Best 5 casual games for iPad

Ever want to play something without needing to give it your full attention? Maybe you’re not into ‘hardcore’ gaming, and just want something you can fiddle with, check in on every now and then, and not have to be some twitchy-fingered ubergamer to enjoy. Well, we’ve got a few titles for you. These casual games for iPad generally reward you just for opening the game and making few taps to collect resources, which you can then spend on expanding your own little realm. More often than not, you’ll find social elements so you can scope out what your friends are up to so you can help them out, and the usual freemium tropes.

Even if you’re a “serious” gamer, you’d be surprised how much strategic depth can be found at the higher tiers of so-called “casual” gaming. If you can’t get enough of these kinds of games, try juggling a couple of them at once – odds are as one timer kicks in, another one is just wrapping up.

Sit back, relax, and get downloading these highly polished casual games for iPad.below are Best 5 casual games for iPad



Battle Nations

Battle Nations is a great mix of real-time strategy with lots of resource gathering and turn-based military combat. The goofy graphic style and hilarious dialog keep things fresh between firefights, and since resources are produced over the hours between sessions, you’ll be checking in on your camp often. Battle Nations hosts player-versus-player combat with select friends. You’ll probably want to sink a reasonable amount of time into the single player campaign first so you can level up and unlock the advanced structures and units to reduce your buddies to piles of virtual ash.

Battle Nations strikes an excellent mix with outstanding writing and a dash of strategic combat.



Hay Day

Hay Day is colorful farm simulator which includes the whole process of raising livestock, harvesting fields, processing foodstuffs, and selling the final products. Players can provide for incoming orders, as well as offer their crops for sale at a stand at the end of the virtual road. Gems are acquired to help you get through tasks more quickly.

All in all, Hay Day is a charming little country sim that has it all.




Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is the grand-daddy of casual games. Players control a fantasy-style encampment where they mine gold and elixir, which are used to round up troops, research upgrades, and build new structures. Though there are plenty of single-player stages available, the real test is joining up with a clan and attempting to raid the camps of other players online. Even though you’re vulnerable too, don’t worry – none of your structures are actually destroyed in the raid, though you may lose a few trophies, along with your rank in the online leaderboards.

The rich competitive landscape and colorful charm of Clash of Clans have made it a classic that will be endure for years to come.



Pixel People

Pixel People is a futuristic city builder, where players create a tiny utopia for its block inhabitants. By mixing genes of those in existing professions, players discover new skills to exploit, and clone the workers to execute them. These clones inhabit the appropriate buildings, which often offer unique bonuses and mini-games all their own for your town. Real estate is at a premium though, so make sure you know which buildings you want next. There’s a whole mission structure in place plus a variety of collectible pets to find and fill your town with.

Pixel People has a unique look and play style to it – give it a shot if you’re looking for something new.



 Simpsons Tapped Out

The Simpsons Tapped Out puts players in charge of their very own incarnation of Springfield. As you drop new buildings, you get to take missions from beloved characters from the long-standing cartoon series. Throughout you’ll find plenty of tongue-in-cheek self-referential humor and enjoy seasonal events and regular expansions. Donuts are the premium currency, which can be used to buy exclusive buildings.

The Simpsons Tapped Out brings a classic, unmistakable sense of humor to mobile.

Hope with the above Best 5 casual games for iPad you can enjoy your world on ipad .


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