Customize Boot Animation on Rooted Android Devices

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Customize Boot Animation on Rooted Android Devices with Image Of Your With A Picture Of Your Chioce :

Now it is easier to customize boot animation on rooted android devices with any image of your choice. Backdrops, symbols, topics, gadgets – there’s such a large number of blends for you to attempt that you’ll never develop old of the looks on your gadget.

To change the boot animation on your phone we will be using a file manager with root access. My favorite file manager is MK File Manager and that’s the one I’ll be using in this tutorial. So, here we go.

  • First of all, download a boot animation that you like from the Internet. Look over at XDA forum if you don’t find anything elsewhere, Boot Animatio Download Play Store
  • There’s a possibility that the file you just downloaded will be named If it’s not, then rename it as
  • Open the file explorer of your choice and locate your original boot animation file in /system/media. It will be named
  • Once there, rename the existing boot animation file ( to
  • Now, copy the file that you downloaded earlier (which is now renamed as and paste it in this folder (the one where you found the original file)
  • Now you’ll see two files in this folder – and
  • Long press the new file and select Permissions. You’ll see three options – User, Group, and Other. Tick the boxes for R, W, and X under User category, and tick the boxes for R under Group and Other categories.
    Save the changes
  • Reboot your device to see the new boot animation.
    You have to make sure that the file name is correct ( for the system to recognize your boot animation, and boot properly.

If you ever want to switch back to your original boot animation, delete the current and rename the original file back to (from

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