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Finally you can browse with Etisalat BIS Plan on non Blackberry devices like computer, android, iPhone, Nokia etc. The Etisalat BIS monthly plan gives 3GB for 1000 naira and if you are lucky to have the 3G service in your area then you should be ready for the best speed ever.

This does not require any software or VPN client all you have to do is subscribe to any Etisalat Blackberry Plans and activate the Etisalat 15MB data plan for Blackberry 10 like its being done to active Airtel BIS to work on any device .


1. Subscribe to any Etisalat blackberry plan

For  monthly plan which goes for 1000 naira dial *499*3#

dial *499*3*1# for weekly subscription which goes for 500 naira  or *499*3*2# for daily subscription for 100 naira.

for full list of Etisalat blackberry plans read here

2. Now that you have successfully subscribed to any of the Etisalat BlackBerry plan just recharge an extra 100 naira credit dial *599*3*2# and you will be given 15MB of data which will automatically be added to you BIS data and now will work all together on any device.

3. Finally you have to set your modem up to connect via the blackberry apn:

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Note Glo BIS to is working on any device and computer,

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Joshua Engr/Technician

Joshua Engr/Technician

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    1. what exactly is the diff between what u posted and method 2. I tried to resubscribe tonight and it aint going. The 15mb was lost and the bis daily 50mb is still intact. Mind u im nt a new user. Ive rocked this thing while it was working so its nt like i dnt know what im doing

  1. Please I need help when I subscribe for BlackBerry 10 daily plan is not adding with the 3gig it replied with Dear customer,Your data balance is 9 MB valid till 2013-12-19.Text help to 229 for other info.Your data balance is 3072 MB valid till.

  2. please I’ve subscribed for d monthly bis and daily bb10 plan, also I changed my apn to but still I can’t use the 3gb after the 15mb gets exhausted. help

  3. please it seems that a lot of people are having problems with this thing. Is there a sure fire way to do it with no problems? 🙁

  4. pls prof, address d issue of exhausting the 15mb daily plan and not being able to surf wt d 3gig. its a problem affecting many people here.
    thanks. 9ce job u ar doing.

  5. mr prince, i tried to subscribe etisalat bis monthly plan wit ma techno M7 bt unfortunately its not wrkin. pls can u put mi tru?

  6. Pls i want 2 knw if dis stuff works wit techno p5 fone bcos I want 2 do d subscription bcos etisalat network service is good in my area I need advice pls.

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