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Super-moon November 2016

facebook was down over an hour

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Unbelievable. Facebook, one among all social network, was down starting from 6am today, I couldn’t check in to facebook.facebook was down over an hour

According to users and various reports, Facebook is currently down in the US of A. As in it’s not working. As in it won’t even load. In fact, Facebook hasn’t been working for over an hour. How in the world is the world surviving?

Down for every one or justme notes that Facebook is down but mobile apps seem to still be working. Interestingly, typing “www.” before the usual into your browser has helped a few users get through too. We don’t know why the site is down but we’ll update the post when we do

Facebook down over an hour

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO GUYS (confession: i dont really use facebook, im just worried for the rest of you who do!)


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