If You don’t like BBM8 ?…. See Free BBM7 Download Links

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Blackberry Yesterday Officially lunched BBM8 and it is attractive and it has more functions which succeeds free BBM7 and below. However, it has huge disabilities.

1. It will slow down the operating system of your Blackberry device.

2. Your Blackberry Messenger’s display picture will get to a point at which it will refuse to change, hard reset will not change it neither.

3. You are the type that send broadcast messages? BBM8 is the wrong BBM for you. WHY?

4. Opening the Broadcast Message screen will take you nothing less than two minutes to open.

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Click Here: Download BBM 7
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    1. i didnt rcv d verification code via sms on my nokia n8. However i was askd if i wntd to rcv it via ctncaot support. Ddnt rcv d call me’ option. Nw i defined d problem in ctncaot support option ,im askd to define mail settings. Nw hw do i gt d code ???? Reply

      1. Thank you William for your question ,please this is a bbm category ,we have different categories for any challenges and you can inbox us directly on our contact us page,our team we be happy to assist you thank you.

  1. all are trying to go for that part of the tech world for which they were not ctraeed. Althougha0Facebook is a social networking site but there have been rumors for around two years that Facebook is going to launch a smartphone

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