How to become a successful blogger

How to become a successful blogger,There are multiple free platform available to build a blog like word press and blogger,even without spending a single penny.A little knowledge about blogging is enough to start, But how many of them are successful bloggers?



To be in the line of successful bloggers, there are few things to be follow.Hardworking and Consistency are the key of success in every field of life so here’s too….

There are some important points to be remember and apply.lets talk about them

1- Custom domain and hosting

As all free platform offer sub domain name.It’s good to start with them but not for a long period of time.As you come to know that permanent readers are comming and taking interest in your posts,so that is the right time to shift on customise domain.Custom domain are much faster and easier to indexed on search engines.

2- Simple and Appropriate blog name

Selection of domain name is also very important part.Domain name should be simple and it should reflect the niche of blog.Readers like simple domain names as compared to complex one , as simple names are very easy to remember.

3- Layout of blog

Template of blog should be attractive one.Things should be arranged properly and make it very simple for every reader to search things. Text should be easily readable.Be careful about the colors combination.Use light colors.Images should describle the whole topic.

3.a  Publish Your Best And Unique Content To Your Blog

Useful information could stick your readers and tend to learn more from you. Tobecome an authority in your niche, you must build the trust of your readers first through sharing your unique and valuable content in different style of sharing your information.

Controversial issue could also grab someone’s attention and tend to share their own opinions through their valuable comments.

4- Consistency & Uniqueness

Here’s come the most important part , Contents uniqueness and blogger Consistency.Don’t copy the contents from other blog because it’s not good approach and also it will be violation of google rules and   regulation.Write good and competent posts about the selected topic .If you don’t have enough knowledge about the topic , first google it and then start writing.Be consistent and do your best.

5- SEO

Do proper SEO (search engine optimization), if you don’t know about it, hire any competent SEO to do this job for you.It’s very important for any site to be ranked higher and indexed in search engines.Make backlinks and use high rated keywords while writing posts.Highlight the important words and use headings.Do inpage and offpage Seo.

6- Social networks marketing

Nobody can deny the power of social network these days.It’s little time consuming but very effective way to increase the visitors.Publish every post on all social networking sites , like facebook,google plus, twitter and linkedIn.Join related communities and advertise your link their on daily basis.

7- Be a Social Worker

Be a social worker on social networks.This is also a good way to increase traffic towards the problems people are facing about blogging try to answer them and make friends.Search for hot topics and write about them.Invite your friends to your blog.There are lot of other stuff to be follow.I listed few of them and try to explain.If you have something to share.please contribue in comments .Thanks for reading

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