How to check and identify fake memory card

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This days memory card have gone wild unlike before, now you can hardly identify fake and clone memory card but today you are to learn How to check and identify fake memory card,Check Fake Memory Stick – How To Tell (Spot) A Fake Sony, Sandisk, PSP, PS2 Memory Card Stick Pro Duo
In the past, there has been funny instances where I buy a memory card of 8GB only to find out that the real data storage is just 2GB on the SD card. I have also tried out several tricks on my memory SD cards like using online tools such as memory card expander to increase the storage/data allocation from 2Gb to 4Gb.
What is giving me concern is if it is actually possible to spot a fake memory card.
Sometimes I hear stories of people removing their SD card from their phones only to return it inside and show “memory card corrupted”?
In this post, I will be revealing powerful secrets on how to tell a sandisk fake memory cards so that you do fall victim of such prank the next time. Read on as I will be using two online tools in this tutorial.
How to identify fake memory card?

How to check and identify fake memory card
How to check and identify fake memory card

Fake Memory Card Test

A —–» SD Insight
You can’t distinguish between an original and a counterfeit memory SD card easily using the packaging. But with the help of this free fake memory card test software, this can be done easily.

SD Insight is a mobile app, free fast and user friendly. It is used to check the details of any SD card.

How Does SD Insight Check Fake Memory Card?

—–» Click here to Download SD Insight from Google PlayStore

—–» Put the memory SD card inside your smartphone. Ensure you switch off your phone before doing this.

—–» Click on SD Insight icon to start the application. Within a few seconds, the full memory card details will appear in an understandable format on your screen.

—–» Some of the information that would be displayed include name of manufacturer, production date, brand and model of the SD card and the serial number.

—–» To access more information about your card, all you need to do is to click the Menu button.

—–» If more than one memory card is connected, you would be able to see separate information for each of the SD cards.

B. —–» H2testw
This application H2testw is a fake memory card tester that will detect whether your USB flash drive is fake or original. It will fill the chosen storage centre will test data and try to read them back to check for errors. This is to verify the originality of your SD card.
To use this application, click here to download the application to your PC and then connect your phone in USB mode so that your SD card can be read like a USB flash drive.
I believe I have been able to empower you enough not to fall victim of counterfeit memory cards sold all over the market. For those whose memory card is fake, let’s hear your experience. What do you think about these tools?

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