How to Check If an iPhone is Stolen?

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When it comes to the purchase of consumer electronics such as Smartphones, notebooks, and tablets, it is always advisable to buy new gadgets. By doing this, you are not only guaranteed of the quality but you also get to enjoy company warranties, and are sure of the authenticity of the product. However, due to high prices of these products, presence of stolen goods, and resold products, there is a big and growing used consumer electronics market. Unfortunately, the authenticity of these used products is sometimes questionable. This is because some of these products are either sourced through illegal means, have been stolen, or have been blacklisted.

Due to an increase in such issues, Apple introduced a new tracking tool in October 2014, which allows possible buyers to check whether the device they are planning to buy is stolen. The check stolen phone feature works through the company’s website. All what a prospective buyer needs to do is visit the Activation lock status page on the company website, check the phone’s IMEI or serial number, and look up whether the device’s IMEI or serial number has been locked by its original owner.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that you cannot access the About page on the device. In case of this, you can get the serial number or IMEI on the product package or look for the engravings on the back of the product.

Using the Activation lock status on the company website is the best way to check the authenticity of the device because hackers found ways of bypassing the activation lock screen in order to make illegally acquired, stolen, or blacklisted devices look legit. However, using this new tool you can still tell whether the device has been locked by its original owner as Apple still maintains this information.

The check stolen phone feature will assist you to stay out of trouble with the authorities because you will know in advance whether the device is legit or not. It will also help you know whether the seller is the original owner because if the seller is the original owner, he/she can remove the activation lock so that the device will be ready to have another Apple ID sign in to it.

In addition, it is important to ask for prove of purchase. This can be in the form of a receipt or original packaging. This can be used as another way of verifying authenticity in case the original user had not turned on the activation lock. Hope that you will remember to check the activation lock status before spending your hard-earned cash to buy a stolen device and land yourself in trouble with the authorities.

Apple Now Lets You Check If An iPhone Is Stolen Before You Buy It ?

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Want to check if that iPhone you’re considering nabbing off of Craigslist is stolen before you hand over your cold, hard cash?

Apple has just released a tool that exists solely to verify whether or not a used iPhone has been locked down remotely by its rightful owner.

All you need is the IMEI or the serial number. Punch one of those in, and it’ll tell you whether or not the device is activation locked, and whether or not it’s ready for a new Apple ID to sign in.

“But wait!” you say. “If I’m buying from someone on Craigslist, can’t I just check the phone to make sure it unlocks?

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