All network configuration settings

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Today,i will be talking on how to configure phones to browse using any network of your choice.MTN,GLO,ETISALAT or AIRTEL



  • The network you want to configure
  • i.p.address for the network
  • A.P.N :access point name  for the network
  • port number for the network
  • username of the network
  • password of the network


how to configure mtn
mtn consfiguration

MTN Automatic Settings
If you want to receive MTN configuration settings on your mobile phone automatically, send “settings” to “3888” (without quote) through SMS. If your phone can receive the settings automatically, a settings will be sent to you which you will be required to save. But if your phone doesn’t receive the settings, follow the manual settings as illustrated below.

MTN Manual Settings

Name : MTN
IP Address:
Port: 8080
Username: web
Password: web
Access point name (APN):

The above settings is for 3G/3.5G/GPRS wap and full internet browsing

how to configure etisalat
etisalat configuration

ETISALAT Manual Settings:

Access point name (APN): etisalat
IP Address:
Port: 8080
Username: (Leave blank)
Password: (Leave blank)
homepage :

how to configure airtel
Airtel configuration settings

How to Configure Your Phone to Use AIRTEL

Before you can use your AIRTEL sim to browse, you need to activate it first. There are two ways to activate your AIRTEL for internet. The first method can be done via online at while the second method is done by calling their customer care service through 111.

AIRTEL Automatic Settings

By now you must have activated your sim as illustrated above if you haven’t used it before. To receive AIRTEL configuration automatically,
Text internet (space) Phone model (space) Phone model number as SMS to232.
For example, if you want to receive an automatic configuration settings for a Nokia 6300, You will text Internet Nokia 6300 as SMS to 232

AIRTEL Manual Settings

Name: Airtel NG
Access point name:

Username: wap
Password: wap

how to configure glo
glo consfiguration


How to Configure Your Phone to Use GLO

GLO Automatic Settings

To receive GLO 3g internet setting, text “ACTIVATE” to “444’ using a 3g mobile phone.
To receive Glo wap settings, text your PHONE NAME & MODEL as SMS to 927 e.g. Nokia 6300 to 927
GLO Manual Settings

For Glo 3G/3.5G manual configuration

Name: Glo 3G
IP Address:
Port: 3130
Username: wap
Password: wap
Access point name (APN): glo3gvideo

For Glo Wap Manual Configuration (With Internet subscription bundle)

Account name: Glo Flat
Access point name: gloflat
IP Address:
Port: 3130
Username: flat
Password: flat 
For Glo Wap Manual Configuration (Direct without any subscription plan)

Account name: Glo Direct
Access point name: glosecure
IP Address:
Port: 3130
Username: secure
Password: secure

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