How To Download From Google play store Using Real APK Leecher Utility

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Google Play, formerly  referred to as the Android Market, is the official application store for Android devices and tablets through which Google produce software applications, music, movies and books available for purchase and download to its teeming android users.

The Google Play store, which comes pre-installed on Android devices, is a medium through which users can purchase, download and install applications from Google and third-party  apps developers.  Google Play is the only way to download and install applications on Androiddevices without changing the device’s application setting to “allow the installation of non-market applications.”

Getting apps downloaded through the Google play store at times can be time consuming especially in times of slow/weak internet connection.In order to get things down faster,we have found a way you can download apps from the Google store direct to your PC in twinkle 


To download your favorite android apps from the Google play store,we shall make use of an app called Real APK Leecher utility.Real APK Leecher utility is a java based app which mediates between the internet and the Google play store.

To get started,download the app from here{real apk leecher}
Unzip the downloaded zipped file to a folder on your desktop
Open and run the Real APK Leecher.exe
You should be shown the configuration window at this stage
Enter your valid gmail ID and password,The email should be one with which you have accesed the google play store on your andriod device before now.
Also you will e required to enter your device ID.You can check this post on How to get your android id.
Input other settings as required in the configuration window.{SEE IMAGE BELOW FOR OTHER SETTINGS}





Click on the save button to start the app when done with the setting.
Now to download  your preferred app,enter the name of the app in the Real APK Leechersearch bar located to the right
When the search is complete,you will be shown searched result for both paid and free apps.
Now right click on your preferred app,then click the download button to have  your app downloaded to the preferred download location you chosen earlier in the setting window
Finally you can now transfer your downloaded app through your USB to your android device.

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