How to find and turn on usb debugging mode on Nexus 4

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Unlike other android that you just go to settings ,scroll down to app and open the app ,then see your developer option,and your debug  mode, or settings developers option and see your debug mode,is different here on nexus 4 because it is hidden ,that is why this article come up,after reading this you will be able to learn how to find and turn on usb debugging mode on Nexus 4.

There’s something missing on your brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, and if you’re a SoftModder like me, you know exactly what it is already. If you don’t know, keep reading, because you should—anyone who wants a better Android experience should.


To find and turn on usb debugging on nexus 4 you have to learn the process to reach the developers option.

These options allow you to quickly access ADB settings, USB debugging, animation scales, and various monitoring tools for your device. It’s a must have for SoftModders.

how to enable usb debugging ,on nexus 4
how to enable usb debugging ,on nexus 4
Go ahead, scroll down to the bottom of your Settings page and see for yourself. Nada. They thought it was best to remove the menu in order to prevent newbs from screwing up their devices.

But We’re Not Newbs

Luckily, it’s not gone forever—it’s just hiding.

To unlock the Dev Options menu, go to Settings -> About Device and scroll down to the “Build Number.”

locate builder number on nexus 4
locate builder number

Now, tap on your “Build Number” five times, and you should see a toast notification pop up saying “Developer mode has been enabled.”

how to locate usb debugg
click builder 5times usb debugging

Voilà! Back out of the About Device menu and you’ll see Dev Options back where it belongs, so you can turn on USB Debugging and whatever else you want to.

Enabling hidden usb debbuging on nexus 4
usb debbuging on nexus 4




That was easy. The best part is you only have to do the tap-build-number-seven-times once. After you do it once, USB debugging has been unlocked and you can enable or disable at your leisure




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