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All phone are faced with our iPhone hanged or freezed  when carrying out certain operations on the phone. Few days back an iphone was brought to my desk, it was freezed and  the owner was scared of losing some of his recent added items and his question to me was “can you please help me fix this phone and please help restore the phone  back to its normal state without losing my contents?”

Android, symbian and java phones when freezed can be easily rectified by holding on to the SWITCH OFF button or removing the battery from the phone and fixed back again but the iphone’s SWITCH OFF button is disabled at the freezed state and the battery is un-detachable.

how to fix iphone that freezed
how to fix a freezed iphone

I am sharing  you this little tweak I applied on how to fix a freezed iphone to its normal state with all it contents intact.

  1. Firstly, hold down these two buttons- the HOME button and the SLEEP/WAKE button located at the top right side of the device simultaneously.
  2. Keep holding down the buttons until the phone resets and the white apple logo appears on a blank screen. Immediately after the white logo appears, let go off the keys as the iphone reboots and return to its lock state
  3. Unlock your device and access your Home screen
  4. With the above procedures your Iphone device would be restored without you losing any saved file.
  5. If the above process failed then
  6. Connect your iphone device to your computer
  7. Launch itunes
  8. Locate the summary tab, click on it and back up your device.
  9. Click on the restore button to restore to factory settings


This, aids to restore you’re your phone to its factory settings but will erase your contacts, messages, videos, audios and calendars.  After the restoration, restore the missing information by syncing with itunes.That is how to fix a freezed iphone

 iPhone Freezes When Restoring? Stops At Apple Logo? Fail Errors? Fix Backup File:
  1. Does your iPhone keep freezing when trying to restore from your backup file, and always stop at the Apple Boot logo, or does it give you a failed or corrupted error? Does the progress bar in iTunes keep stopping at 99% and getting stuck?There could be many reasons your iPhone keeps freezing and failing to restore. It could be due to a recent update, incompatible versions of files, a change in iTunes updates, or just pure bad luck too!
  2. You could try updating to the latest version of iTunes, and see if this will fix your problem. So shut down your computer, restart, and before you try again, log into your iTunes account, making sure you are using your correct Apple ID account. And update your iTunes version through the internet.
  3. If you are worried about doing this, because it may cause your iTunes to lose its previous data, then i would recommend using this third party iPhone restore/backup extractor software. Which could save your iPhone data and files. This software can actually open up your corrupt or frozen backup file, and allow you to view and save all and any of your files at anytime. It is a very handy piece of software to own, and can save you from years of lost data on your iPhone. Although it is not a free download, it saved me from losing very important documents for work, and also photos that i needed. So it is well worth it.
  4. So for a quick fix, and to save your iPhone from freezing and failing, i really recommend trying it before you lose all your files. Once you have done this, and saved all your files, then you can use this iPhone backup tool to fix and restore your iPhone again. Remember, when in doubt, and you get restore errors again, you can always use this software again to save your files in the future.
  5. You can use this tool to fix up your backup file, reconfigure your files, save it, and then try restoring again from there. This has worked for me, if you need anymore help with restoring your frozen iPhone then let me know!

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