How to Identify Refurbish Laptop Computers

How to Identify Refurbish Laptop Computers,There is a big difference between a refurbish laptop computer and a fairly used laptop computer. A refurbish laptop is the type of computer that usually fail to pass the quality standard of the manufacturer when testing. When a laptop is manufactured, it undergoes testing for some certain period of days before determining whether they are quality products or not.

refurbish laptop

refurbish laptop

While a fairly used laptop are the types of quality laptops that are already used by someone who bought it from the manufacturers before selling it out. When a laptop computer did not pass the quality standard after manufacturing or if returned as a result of malfunctioning, they are refurbished (i.e. repaired) before selling at discount price.

Also ,How to Identify Refurbish Laptop Computers include d,

This means they undergo repairs either mechanical or aesthetically to fix the failing unit before selling them out usually at lower price than the original. Most refurbished laptops usually carry a 30 day store warranty and 90 days warranty with the manufacturers.

So How Do I Know If a Laptop computer is Brand New or Refurbished?

A refurbish product usually have an additional R at the end of the product number or product ID. For example a product number with NB232UAR#ABA is a refurbish notebook while NB232UA#ABA is a brand new notebook. If you want to know the type of laptop you are about to buy whether it is a refurbish laptop or a brand new one from a vendor, they are two ways to identify it.

1. Check for a sticker at the back of your laptop or battery pack to see the product number.

2. Click on the Start menu of your computer, Right-click on Computer,

product checking

then scroll down to check the product ID. Or hold Window key + R and type MSinfo32 in run, then hit enter to reveal the product number

product id

That’s all. In my next post, i will reveal some best websites where you can buy refurbished items and fairly used laptops, computers, Blackberry, iPhones and other electronic items cheap online and resale.

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