How To Open And Verify Paypal Account In Nigeria,

With great joy, I signed up on PAYPAL this morning. Finally, grace has come to Nigeria. If you are living in Nigeria, you can now confidently open and verify PayPal account without hiding your IP.

This is really good news to most Nigerian who have been doing business online without PayPal account. There are so many online business but most of them requires Paypal account. This has made doing Online business here in Nigeria very difficult.I was surprised this morning when one of my friends called me this morning, telling me that PayPal has finally included Nigeria and other 9 countries just last night. With PayPal, you can pay and collect funds online and have it deposited in your bank account here in Nigeria.



Paypal has been the world’s major means of Payment on the web, and bringing their services to Nigeria is one welcome development we have always been praying for. Though for now, Paypal has not enabled peer-to-peer transactions in Nigeria, you can only make purchases and not receive payments with your Nigerian Paypal account.

Procedures on how to sign up a paypal account from Nigeria for beginners

  • Visit Paypal Nigerian homepage via Pay pal and click on Signup at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on “Open Account” under the “individual” section for a personal account.
  • Fill in all details and click on “Agree and Create Account

Getting Verified Using GT Bank’s Naira MasterCard

Without verifying your paypal account, you would be placed at a $250 limit. Verifying your paypal account lets you spend as much as you will.

  • A new page would come up with a form to log in your Card details. I used my GT Bank’s Naira MasterCard to get mine verified.
  • You’ll be redirected to your account’s dashboard. But there are few things you still need to do. Firstly, you have to activate your paypal account by clicking the activation link sent to the mail you registered the account with. Secondly, you need to link and confirm your credit or debit card. Click on “Link and confirm credit or debit card” or “Get Verified” link in your account’s dashboard, insert your GTB Mastercard details here again, then click on “Continue“. You can make use of any Nigerian bank’s Visa or MasterCard.
  • Paypal would deduct $1.95 from your card which they’ll refund in 24hrs. Now, your bank will alert you via SMS or email with a code which you’ll use in completing the whole verification process.

Your bank’s SMS alert should read.

The Naira equibvalent of USD1.95 has been authorized for the transaction done on PP*0123CODE 0123456789FF

What you need do is copy the 4 digits before CODE (highlighted in red) from your mail or SMS alert. That’s what you need to confirm your card.

  • You now have to login once more to your Nigerian Paypal account and click on “Confirm Card” link which should appear on the right sidebar of your dashboard. Then type in the four-digits you copied from your bank alert and click on “Confirm Card” as shown below.


  • Now you will get a success popup if everything was fine and successful.


Below is a screenshot of my Nigerian verified Paypal account

Below is a screenshot of my Nigerian verified Paypal account

Nigerian verified Paypal account


That’s it!

You’ve successfully verified your Nigerian Paypal account and you can now shop all over the world with that your ATM card without any merchant turning you down each time you choose the Paypal payment option.

I hope this helps those who are having issues with verifying their Nigerian Paypal accounts.

FAQ about Nigerian Based Paypal Accounts

  • Ques: Does Paypal only support the GTB Naira MasterCard In Nigeria?
  • Ans: No, people also making use of UBA, Zenith, Access and some others bank’s credit cards have been verified using same procedures in this tutorial.
  • Ques: What Credit Card Types are accepted by Paypal?
  • Ans: Paypal supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Debit or Credit Cards
  • Ques: How Do I Fund My Nigerian Paypal account to make online purchases?
  • Ans: You don’t have to worry about funding your paypal, whenever you make an online purchase, your linked credit/debit card would be charged.
  • Ques: Can I make Transfers to other Paypal Accounts?
  • Ans: No, for now Paypal has not enabled peer-to-peer transactions in Nigeria.
  • Ques: Do I need a token device before I can get Verified?
  • Ans: No, that isn’t necessary
  • Ques: Can I add My Bank Account to Nigerian Paypal like I did in my US Paypal?
  • Ans: No, PayPal doesn’t offer this feature at this time for Nigerians.
  • Ques: Can I add more than 1 Debit/Credit Card to my Paypal account?
  • Ans: Yes
  • Ques: Can I purchase services from sites like Fiverr, Addynamo, Amazon with a Nigerian Paypal?
  • Ans: Yes, it works on all sites that accept Paypal payments.

Testmonies tell us which card you used in verifying your Nigerian Paypal account. Share your thoughts using the comment section below, and please do not forget to share this post with your friends. They might find it useful. Cheers!

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