How to protect a mobile phone from virus

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Learn how to protect a mobile phone from virus.. A virus can infect your gadget the same way that it infects your computer. It will do the same damage like what a computer virus can do! It becomes very difficult to operate when it gets infected with any malware, spyware, trojan or any other virus whether it is an android, Apple iphone, Blackberry or any other smartphone or a tablet. It freezes your handset, makes it slow, sometimes makes it switch-off automatically or even restarts your handset. In other words, you will really get frustrated when it happens! It is important to clean your infected phone from all badware before it spreads and wrecks havoc.


Learn To Protect Your Mobile Phone?

Before knowing how to protect you should know the sources from which viruses can come and also take precautions so that it does not infect your gadget again. The best precaution against viruses is to install a reputed and updated antivirus program. If not, then you may end up getting your phone infected very soon.


The sources from which viruses can come in your device are:

  1. Internet Surfing: This is the most common source, specially if your are visiting unknown and untrusted sites. You are most likely to get infected, if you visit untrusted websites.
  2. MMC Card: If you insert your memory card into a virus infected gadget and than insert it back into your phone, your handset will most likely get infected. Also do not put any other MMC card into your device, because if the other MMC has virus, it will spread into your device as well.
  3. Bluetooth / WiFi / Hotspot: While transferring files to and from your phone to the other via Bluetooth, Wifi or hotspot, when you accept files from other phones, ensure that your antivirus scans the incoming files before opening them,


It is easy to keep your handset safe and secure from different malwares, if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Antivirus Program And Keep It Updated: Always keep your Bluetooth switched-off unless required. Or it is preferable to keep your handset to hidden mode unless you need it to be visible.
  2. Keep Your Bluetooth Switched-off: Always keep your Bluetooth switched-off. If by fluke, you have kept it on, do not accept any files from unknown sources. Still if you have got any file by mistake NEVER OPEN SUCH FILE AS IT IS MOST LIKELY A VIRUS. Just delete the file.
  3. Don’t Visit Untrusted Websites: While surfing the internet, only visit the most trusted and reputed websites. Also if you have visited any unknown website, its ok until you find it to be a suspicious one.
  4. Don’t Download From Untrusted Sources: Surfing unknown websites is not as risky as downloading content from them. Be careful of downloading any file specially if you find the website to be a suspicious one. If you have downloaded anything, please do not open that file and just delete it.
  5. Be Careful Of The Memory Card: The MMC have to be used carefully. So do not put your MMC in another handset or anybody’s MMC into your handset. It might get infected easily and spread very fast.


If your handset gets infected, it will create a lot of problems in your phone’s functioning. Viruses can also corrupt all of your data or even erase it. So it is important and necessary to protect your handset and keep it safe.


You can also learn how to latest antivirus on laptop and computers,if it ever gets infected by just reading our Latest 10 online antivrus article.


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