How To Recharge Skype Credits in Nigeria For Cheap Calls (Local & International)

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How To Recharge Skype Credits in Nigeria For Cheap Calls

Skype network enables all their users to make free internet calls and sms to each other round the globe.

Another good feature about skype is that it also enables you to call non-skpe user but some skype credits have to be purchased to enable such feature.How To Recharge Skype Credits in Nigeria For Cheap Calls

Today’s stroll, I would be breifing you on how to recharge skype credits in Nigeria for cheap local and international calls.

Actually, skype service is an enjoyable service that helps you connect skype users and non-users. Purchasing skype credits also helps in the purchase of subscription or a skype number that connects you to over 200,000 wifi hotspots round the globe that uses skype wifi.

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In the purchase of skype credit, it’s payment method can be done through mastercards, bank issued visa, paypal and all other payments method avaliable.

To recharge skype credit in Nigeria
1. First sign in your skype account and then click on your profile name

2. Click “Add skype credit” or “Buy credit”

3. After the second procedure, you would see a box which you would need to untick inother to disable autorecharge, then select the amount of credit you would like to buy and click continue.

4. You would then see a drop-down list in which you would need to select the payment method that you wish to use, then fill in the details in the avaliable text boxes.

5. If it’s your first time of purchasing skype credit or product, you would need to fill in your billing details and agree to their terms to use.

6. Finally, once you’ve filled in your payment details, click pay now and follow the remaining instructions to complete the payment.
Note: Immdiately your payment is done, you would be credited in your skype account.

You can now enjoy cheap international calls to mobiles and landlines. They have their service plan like, 400mins for $12.49/month (N1,900), 60mins for $1.99/month(N300) e.t.c. For more of their service plan check Here

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