How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android Phone

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Recover Deleted Messages – Learn how to recover deleted messages on android phone using Android Data Recovery software for Windows? Best android data recovery software free download and use

This article is committed particularly for individuals with Android phones, who is eager to seek a solution to recover deleted messages on android phone. There are cases that erase or deleted text messages by accident, such as hand slipped when you need to clear spam messages. Actually, we do this frequently because Android phones have limited number of instant messages. Once there is an excess of them, Android will consequently erase the old ones for you with a specific end goal to make more space for the new ones. Whatever the case, recover those text messages becomes an inevitable mission you have to go through. Luckily, there are an effective way out on this and I will share it as follows.

One of the vital requirements of Android phone SMS recovery is assuring the erased text messages, have not been overwritten by the new messages. That is the reason that some messages are saved on the SIM card and some in the phone’s internal memory. When you erase a message from the SIM card or phone memory, the space where the erased records initially possessed will be stamped as clear and will wait for the new messages come and consume in the space. The erased instant messages are still there, however, get to be unavailable and imperceptible from the point of end user. So far, you must locate an expert SMS recovery software to begin the recovery as soon as possible, though, the sooner the better!

There are many ‘so called’ Android Data Recovery software when searching on Google. However, only a few works when testing them on this real case. It took me hours to find the best one from the list and finally stick to Androidphoensoft Android Data Recovery.

It’s one of most popular and powerful Android data recovery software in the world, which is proficient in recovering lost and erased instant messages from all Android phones. Other than the capacity of SMS recovery, this Android data recovery program can likewise help you in recovering contacts, photos, videos and more from all the Android based smartphones.It will not harm or change your data at all, you will get the recovered messages with no problem.

Androidphoensoft Android Data Recovery, performs extremely well to recover deleted text messages on android phone or recover erased data on any Android phone devices. First, you have to stop using your Android phone Smartphone the minute you discover you have erased some important messages accidentally or the messages missing with no reason. As you know, the erased or lost messages are not gone right from your Android phone device, but rather holding up to be overwritten by new messages.

How to Recovery Deleted Text Messages on Android Phone

In order to recover deleted messages on android phone using Android Data Recovery software, you need to follow these steps:

Step (1): Download (Windows) and install Androidphonesoft Android Data Recovery on a computer

Step (2): Connect the Android phone to the same computer and turn on USB debugging on the phone.

recover deleted messages on android phones
                                       recover deleted messages on android phones

Step (3): When the device was recognized by the computer, this data recovery program will start scan and analyze the phone. In this step, make sure tap Allow when it asks you for permission on your phone.

Step (4): It takes a few minutes to complete the analyzing process, so please be patient. When it’s done, the program lists all the scanned text messages on the main screen.recover-deleted-text-messages-android

Step (5): Preview each message to see whether it’s one you are looking for. All messages are selected. Click the Recover button to begin the recovery process.

As you can see from the above steps, it’s very easy to restore deleted or erased messages with Androidphonesoft’s Android Data Recovery. What’s more, you can use the program recovering other types of files such as contacts, photos, music, etc… With it, there is no need to worry about data loss anymore. However, it’s highly recommended to back up your phone regularly to reduce the risk of data lost. Phone is cheap, data is much more expansive. So please keep a good eye on it.

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