How to reduce both data consumption and battery usage

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HOW YOU USE LESS DATA AND BATTERY ON YOUR PHONE,i.e .How to reduce both data consumption and battery usage,Many people have known few solution on this but after reading this article you will learn more.Every app in your smartphone is struggling to have a piece of the two things you cherish most in that beautiful device: Your Battery and your data. Although some phones are smarter than others, the ultimate utility you get from a phone, in most cases depends on you the user. The battery and data of your phone answers to you more than you think.How to reduce both data consumption and battery usage

In this article, I will present some tips you can use to reduce both data consumption and battery usage. It is guaranteed that if you follow these steps, you will be happier and a little bit richer 🙂 . You will save money on data and make the planet a better place by using less energy.
These tips should work on just about any phone.

Why you consume more data and battery
When you install an app in your device, the app gets on board to work. Most apps will be connected to a web server for upload or download of information to make them serve you optimally. These operations use data from your network provider and you pay for them. The data consumption, in most cases happens even when you are not using the app. Apps don’t do these things in bad fate, they do it to be handy by the time you are ready to use them. The bad news is, by the time you are ready to use them, and you might be out of data.
Take the Facebook app for instance. As long as it has access to your data, it will constantly seek for feeds and give you notification, even when the app is not opened. This also adds to drain your battery.
The same reason why your data is always running down is almost the same reason your battery is running down.
If you can hold control of the background operations of apps, you are king! Your data and battery will last longer.

What you should do to save data
Monitor Your Data
most smartphones, especially Android and IOS devices come with data monitors (modules that monitor data consumption). On Android phones, you can access them by simply going to Settings and then data usage. You will see the apps that are running your pocket dry.
On Apple devices, you will see them by going to setting and then cellular data.

Remove the big Biters
After you have seen the high consumers, the logical thing to do is to remove them from apps that use data or simply delete them. I’m sure you can live without them.

Don’t Push
Push content is another data and battery killer. Push contents by their name are information that is pushed into your phone from an external server by an App. Most apps will have a place in their settings where you can deactivate push contents.
My description of the background operation of Facebook is a good example of push content. Your email, Instagram, Snapchat and other similar operations are other good examples. They are always alert and ready to inform you of updates. They use both data and battery for these.
Do you know that you may even be consuming more data and battery from push content operation than when your actually use the app?

Download Videos instead of watching them several times
Most people are not aware that it will cost them same data to watch a video or to download them. Each time you watch a video, it is fetched from a server and data is consumed. If you like a video, it is better to download it once and watch it offline over and again than using data each time you want to watch it. And it helps your battery too.

Disable Auto play
Some social media applications are set to automatically play videos by default. Some play the videos without sound until you tap them, others paly with sounds. Consider setting them to play only when you want to. This will save you data and battery.

2G, 3G or 4G?
3G loads faster and eats bigger chunk of both data and battery than 2G. 4G is a killer. Use 2G more if your phone has a weak battery. Techno and newer Versions of Infinix immediately come to mind. 2G is not really as slow as most people think, especially when you are using it in a smart phone.

Software updates
A friend recently used over 2GB of data to update an OS by mistake. Don’t make that mistake. Deactivate auto software updates. Just remind yourself to update them when you have access to a WiFi service. This will save you data and battery.

Although some phones have stronger batteries and lesser data consuming apps than others, it is ultimately the user that decides how the phone will serve him. The trick is to study the settings of your phone to know what you can deactivate and the ones you can’t. Hopefully, your phone will serve you better when you follow those simple tips.Share if you found this article helpful,

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