How To Reduce Excessive Usage Of Android Data Consumption

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How To Reduce Excessive Usage Of Android Data Consumption :


If you exhaust 1. 5gb,2.5gb,or more within 2weeks,then this article is for you.

Today I will be showing you guys this solution that I used it help me reduce excessive  usage of Android Data consumption.

Have you have been subscribing Etisalat 3.5gb and noticed that it got exhausted within a week.

Do not be surprised, i have got a solution for  you on minimizing your  3.5gb so it will last up to 30days allocated for you.I was a victim of this,but after rearising that my backroung data is the reason,i have to find an easy way to stop that from happening again.

It also give me the reason to start tracking my data usage.

You will be seeing notifications even when you are not with your phone.

Here are solution on

 How To Reduce Excessive Usage Of Android Data Consumption:

  • From your menu go to settings and click it as shown below,
Data consumption
go to menu select setting
  • Once you press setting icon,go to Data Usage

inside setting folder click data usage

  • Here some people might plan on setting there usage to 50mb per day,trust me you will still increase it because it will be consumed before the end of the day. Because the 50mb you allocated will be exhausted. You can see how my I exhaust 2.24gb in days,below

on the data usage click on the icon ,right side

  • By the right top corner you will see a small icon beside the data usage. Click the icon as I show in the picture below,

on the icon menu,click restrict app background data

There are many options there :

Restrict App background data, show Wi-Fi, Network Restriction,cellular network.

  • Tap Restrict App background Data. As shown above picture,
  • Once you press the a pop up warning will show saying if you restrict cellular background data some app will not function until you are  connected to Wi-Fi network tap Ok, as shown below.

tap ok

That is All. You will see the difference from now on and your data will be saved.

This experiment was done with Tecno Camon C9 Android 6 marshmallow.

In case your phone settings are different use the comment section below to let us know the phone your are using and we will guide you on how to go about it.

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