How to restart blackberry without removing the battery

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Blackberry phones is a very popular mobile phone platform with its blackberry messenger (bbm) making the smartphone very interesting and fun as it help you build your own community, socialize with friends, do business and other great values of bbm to users.How to restart blackberry without removing the battery

some people have found it difficult to operate and restart there  blackberry,with some short keys that i will be teaching you.

why do i have to restart my blackberry? some ask

  • When your blackberry displays spinning clock  and stays there for some minutes.
  • Hanging of your blackberry due to,you have many open application

Now i will be teaching you how to restart without removing your pack or battery

while you do this don”t remove your hand ,is one of the short keys,press and hold alt as shown on the image ,while you hold that press caps key.i.e the key you use to change to capital letter,then last is del,known as delete key.  After that your phone restarts automatically.nothing more nothing less.

alt caps del
press alt ,aA OR caps key,then del

Try it and if you ahve any questions,Dont hesitate to ask us,we will gladly teach you.thanks

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