How to Use Android Anti Theft Feature

How to Use Android Anti Theft Feature

With technology, there come some features that you will make life easy and enjoyable. Android has come up with a feature that enables a person to protect their devices and in case the device gets stolen, you can easily trace or track the device. The Android anti-theft app is the latest protection app that a person should have.

With the Android anti theft app, it offers you a protection device feature that ensures that your device is well protected and safe. It helps you to track your lost phone and also control the use of your phone, tablet or any other Android device you might have.

By the use of GPS tracker as well as any other triangulation method, one can easily locate and track their lost phone using this Android anti-theft app. In case your phone gets lost or stolen, using this app, you can easily control your phone or Android device remotely. The feature enables you to have any confidential information in your device from getting into the wrong hands. You can quickly and remotely lock or even wipe the phone memory so as to keep the data safe.

With the stealth mode of the Android anti-theft app, you can automatically have the app on your phone hidden when the Anti-Theft feature gets activated. With this mode, a thief may not even know the existence of the app and hence won’t disable it.




So as to start using the Android anti-theft app, you need to Android Device Manager , login with your Google account and control your phone.

You can set up a Geofencing feature that enables your phone to perform some specific actions like the lock, send location and at times activated a siren. You can set up a radius that your device must stay and in case the phone goes beyond the set perimeter, the specified and customized actions become activated and one can easily recover their lost smartphones.

You can then install a screen password that enables you to have the screen when you input the wrong password thrice. The device then sends remote SMS to a different number or person to inform that your phone got lost or is stolen.

The Android anti-theft app is easy to use to have your phone protected always. You need to ensure that your phone is always safe and well-protected.

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