how to use your #100 unlimited whatsapp package on your android bbm messenger

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How To Use Your #100 Unlimited Whatsapp Package On Your Android BBM Messenger
I hope you guys are really enjoying the BBM messenger on your android smartphones? Well am here to introduce you to this trick on how to make use of both your whatsapp messenger and BBM messenger for just N100 per month.
This trick goes to all airtel users, Normally airtel enables us to subscribe our whatsapp for just #100 per month which is pretty cool, But do you know that subscribing for the airtel whatsapp messenger then your BBM is automatically active.
Follow this below procedures: on How To Use Your #100 Unlimited Whatsapp Package On Your Android BBM Messenger
Step 1: Subscribe for airtel data whatsapp messeger by dialing *948#, then your airtel 1month
data package is on for whatsapp.
But Note, Your BBM messenger won’t work instantly.
Step 2- Move to your data on your android mobile and make sure its off. Then go to your BBM messenger and send someone a text.
Note: Once you send the text it would hang!!!
Finally just go back and switch on your data then your text would proceed. Now you can start surfing the BBM messenger and the Whatsapp messenger with just N100 per month with your airtel line.
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