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htc hd7
htc hd7

Factory HTC hd7 hard reset.[one_half last=”what is hard reset“]…[/one_half]

Click here to know what is hard reset

Why do I need to hard reset HTC HD7 phone?

Three major reason why you have to hard reset htc hd7 phones are:

  • I Forgot your password.
  • My Phone always freeze.
  • My phone takes long to boot.

 if you wish to reset the device to factory default settings.

N/B: Hard reset will erase all data from the memory of the device and return the phone to how it was when it was pulled out of the box.



This option is preferred when you can’t boot into the Android OS because of a malfunction. Or takes long to boot due to much application installed on the phone.


1. Power the phone off.

2. Press and hold Volume Down button, while holding  it do not release your hand ,at same time press the Power button. See the fig 1 below for further instructions.

hard reset htc hd7
hard reset htc hd7

3. Keep holding both buttons until you see the following  appear on the screen, as showed below once you did it right,

This operation will delete all your personal data and reset all setting ,

htc hd7 hard reset
htc hd7 hard reset

4. Use the Volume Down button to toggle the selection and highlight Factory Reset.

5. Use the Power button to choose Factory Reset.

The HTC HD7 will then complete the hard reset process. SD card data like music and photos should be preserved.


If you can boot into the device, you can use this option.

1. Tap the application slider and select the Settings app.

2. Select SD & phone storage. or Select About phone

3. Choose Factory data reset.

4. Select Reset phone.


5. Select Erase everything.

 Hope you can hard reset HTC HD7 so simple and fast just follow the above step,

The above method is also applicable to some other android phones.

Do not hesitate to drop your comment ,thank you.



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