iOS 9 might be near impossible to jailbreak

iOS 9 might be near impossible to jailbreak,Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC, is next month, and since we expect it to remain the orchestrated and timely event that it is, we will most certainly see the introduction of the next generation of iOS, presumably to be called iOS 9.

For this new iteration of iOS, Apple is reportedly putting a much more comprehensive effort behind security for the mobile operating system (as well as for OS X).iOS 9 might be near impossible to jailbreak

Apple has never been a fan of the jailbreak community. Reports are surfacing that Cupertino is “particularly enthusiastic” with the progress it has made so far with a technology called Rootless. This feature is said to prevent any type of access to certain fail systems in an iPhone, iPad, or Mac (though on the Mac it can be disabled), even for administrators.

It has been vulnerabilities in iOS that have enabled the enthusiasts to exploit the platform and jailbreak their iPhones or iPads. Rootless apparently closes those doors completely.

You know how they say, “Never say never,” well we are not about to start saying impossible, but if these reports turn out to be true, it could mark the beginning of a tough road for jailbreakers. If Rootless is primed to make a debut at WWDC next month, it will be interesting to see how it is presented by Apple ,iOS 9 might be near impossible to jailbreak.Apple has been plugging holes in iOS for years, holes that jailbreakers have historically used to gain access to parts of the system that they would normally not be able to interact with. It’s this opening up of iOS at a fundamental level that is likely to be thwarted by Apple’s ‘Rootless’ technology, leaving jailbreakers very much at the beginning of what could be a long and difficult journey.

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