iPhone 7 with iOS 10

iPhone 7 with iOS 10,The phone is rounded at the back, feeling a bit like a MacBook and comes with a Retina Display 3 screen and a 24 megapixel main camera. The case is made of aluminum and this time we’re getting a big battery, a 3000 mAh unit. Interestingly, there are 6 holes for the speakers and 3 metallic pins, probably serving for the data transfer and charging connector.Another features includes :

  1. 3000mAh battery
  2. full aluminium case
  3. 24 megapixel main camera
  4. touch-id logo
  5. new design
  6. retina display 3
  7. no sim card
  8. iWidget and more .
  9. This Concept is from Hasan Kaymak

New iPhone 7 concept showcases some cool iOS 10 features:

A new iPhone 7 concept has surfaced with a bezel-free design and invisible home button — but the reimagined iOS 10 software it runs is by far more exciting. Featuring innovative icon widgets and more customizable home screens, it’s a huge improvement over what we have today in iOS 9.

Created by iPhone-Tricks.com, this iPhone 7 concept imagines a device with Touch ID integrated into its display, and a borderless screen that has no bezels. It’s somewhat similar to the borderless iPhone 7 concept we saw back in November.

We’re not huge fans of the iPhone itself, though; a borderless display seems like it would be pretty unpractical in real life, and could make simple things like playing games, browsing the web, and even watching movies and videos difficult.

We are big fans of the iOS 10 concept, however. Apple has finally adopted widgets for Notification Center, but this concept imagines what it would be like if iOS icons could transform into widgets to display useful information like the weather forecast.

The iOS 10 concept also has a customizable dock, allowing you to add more icons to it should you choose to, and a double-tap to sleep gesture. Check it out in the video below:

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