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The internet has transformed the way people fulfill their reading habit. Now people don’t need to walk to their community or college library to read their favorite novel or book. Instead, they could easily fulfill their reading passion by getting a book from an online store like Amazon.

If you’re an author or content writer, then you can develop as well as sell eBooks online to earn a hefty amount of income. Here is how to make money by selling eBooks online.

You will be surprised to know that there are numerous online platforms where you could easily sell your own eBook as a publisher. Moreover, you can also create your own blog or website to sell your eBook directly online. By having a personal website, you will also get the opportunity to advertise your book on a different platform and social media.

In this way, you will bring more traffic to your website and increase the sale of your eBooks. You can provide PDF format of your book as well as you can deliver printed copies on customers provided an address.

If you are planning to write an eBook, then you should write it on your niche to accomplish your goal successfully. Keep in mind to write about what you love and on topics in which you have lots of have vast experience. No one wants to read boring stuff, therefore, doesn’t write about something that will create boredom. Instead, write your book on an interesting or thrilling topic to add your name to the bestselling books authors list.

It is a fact that a great proportion of people buy eBooks over the internet by looking at their covers only. Therefore, make the most of your book cover by designing it in a captivating that will hold the attention of everyone.

You will need to hire a professional designer because designing a high-quality and stimulating cover is quite hard. Else, you will miss a great opportunity to increase your sales by hooking the attention of everyone with an appealing logo.

This is the most important part of your eBook which can persuade people to buy it. Make sure to write a perfect description for your eBook by including the compulsory information about the book like an author bio, reviews, pages, publication information and etc.

You can also check out the description of the Best-Selling eBooks over the internet to create an eye catchy description. Remember, do not share the full story in your description instead includes two or three interesting elements that will hook the attention of your potential audience.


No doubt, this is the best option to sell the maximum number of eBooks over the internet. Try to come up with a special discount or buy one get one free scheme to benefit a large number of readers. You can also offer some freebies as it is the proven way to boost the sales of eBook.

For instance, you can offer them free encyclopedia, dictionary, shirt or cup with your original author autograph. By providing promotion offer you could easily achieve the sales target of your eBook.

Hopefully, by reading the information shared in this post anyone could easily develop an inspiring eBook and sell it to earn maximum revenue.


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Joshua Engr/Technician

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  1. How do ebook sales compare to print nowadays? If we’re speaking specifically of ebooks, we estimate indie market share to be around 25% of the US trade book (trade = consumer books) market, but it varies greatly across book categories.   Independently published romance ebooks, for example, probably account for over 50% of romance ebook sales. Indie authors generally receive more ebook sales than print sales.

  2. Why refuse (within Germany) the whole project-Gutenberg”s library when only 18 ebooks are concerned? Why hasn”t access been blocked (to German users) to these 18 ebooks only? Behavior of the plaintiff seems relevant of an outdated state of mind, based on what? Profit? Blocking ebooks which have the legitimacy of at least U.S. standards won”t bring extra Euros, for sure. A matter of ego, or principles? That”s far from business. I don”t understand.

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