How to use and disable Microsoft account?

Well, whenever you didn’t remember microsoft account windows 8 password, you’ll have the ability to simply get enable from windows password recovery software to totally reset Windows 8 password.

As numerous customers didn’t remember windows 7 password before, to avoid this problem happens again in windows 8, besides traditional local account, windows 8 give customers more login techniques, for example picture password, pin code, and Microsoft account (windows Live ID and password).

What if you forgot Windows 8 password?

Using Microsoft account?
Windows 8 customers can register Microsoft account window 8 online, and login into system with Live ID and password for that reasons of syncing all windows configurations across different windows 8 products.

Why disable Microsoft account?
Microsoft account login a pleasant feature, although not everybody will be thankful, especially for an enterprise. Should you don’t want anybody to gain access to your windows 8 PC with Microsoft take into account some reasons, learn below steps to bar all customers from having the ability to register, create, and change to Microsoft accounts in windows 8.

How you can disable Microsoft account?
NOTE: By doing this to make use of Local Security Policy is just obtainable in the windows 8 Professional and windows 8 Enterprise models.
1. From the beginning screen, type secpol.msc and press Enter. You might press windows R to spread out the Run dialog, type secpol.msc, and then click OK.
2. Within the left pane, click onto expand Local Guidelines after which open Security Options.
3. Within the right pane of Security Options, double click Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts.
There is a policy Block Microsoft accounts is disabled, which means Microsoft account login works in windows 8 automatically.
4. To bar adding Microsoft accounts, choose Customers can’t add Microsoft accounts, and then click OK in order to save it.
Explanation: In so doing, customers won’t have the ability to create new Microsoft accounts about this computer, switch a nearby account to some Microsoft account, or connect a website account to some Microsoft account. This is actually the preferred option if you want to limit using Microsoft accounts.
5. To bar adding and logging into websites with Microsoft accounts, choose Customers can’t add or login with Microsoft accounts, and shut your window.
Explanation: This method will completely block using Microsoft Makes up about all customers. Additionally to obstructing adding Microsoft accounts, all existing Microsoft account customers won’t have the ability to register to windows 8.
6. Close the neighborhood Security Policy window, and appearance Microsoft account in PC configurations. There is a button – Change to a Microsoft Account is gray and not available.

Local account management
You can now only manage windows 8 local account as that in windows 7. Be sure to produce a disk to totally reset Windows 8 password just in case local password is forgotten.

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