NNN Nigeria real or scam?

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NNN Nigeria real or scam?:

NNNNigeria is it a Ponzi scheme? You saw it on the social media and apparently have thought about joining NNN Nigeria. Is it worth it? Nigerians work hard to earn their money. It`s natural that they seek more possibilities to provide to their families. Therefore, some of Nigerians are thinking about investing money into various projects. Unfortunately, some of these projects might be just Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria. Is NNN Nigeria real or just a tool to steal your money? Time to find out!
What is NNN in Nigeria?

The official name of the project is the NNN Federal Republic of Nigeria. It has the official website: www.nnn-office.com. NNNNigeria is an online gifting community that operates in a way similar to the MMM. There is not much information about owners of NNN Nigeria scam. Some data shows that the official domain was created in August and the project started in November. It`s interesting that NNN Nigeria launched shortly after the MMM scheme blocking.
According to the official explanations from NNN official website, the website was created for people who seek financial help from others. Members of the community participate in the scheme by their own choice. The more they give to the community, the more they receive from the community.
NNN in Nigeria – How it works?

If you want to become a participant of one of the latest Ponzi Schemes, then you just need to register here. When you`ve registered, you get your personal NNN office Nigeria. In this office you can choose between two options:

Provide help (PH). It`s your first choice, without giving some of your funds you can`t ask for help.
Get Help (GH). Remember, you can`t ask for help if you`ve not provided help.

The NNN Office Nigeria is similar to MMM office. They are almost identical. Therefore, think twice about joining the NNN Ponzi Scheme. This platform claims that you get your money back with 35% of profit in three weeks.

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