Reasons Why You Should Choose Blackberry Over iPhone and Android

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Blackberry Over iPhone and Android

Whatsapp messenger Ipad : 

Initially this was my only reason, can you imaging an ipad can’t support whatsapp,and whatsapp is one of the best social network on point,i don’t see a reason why apple ipad  still not getting whatsapp supportive,it sucks ! what do you think

Blackberry, once the most coveted brand of smartphone, has lost a significant amount of market share since the release of the first iPhone back in 2007, and has continued this decline as Android devices rose in popularity. However it would be well to consider that iPhone and Android devices are not for everybody, and that there are still many reasons that make Blackberry the best choice of smartphone for some people. Here’s a list of some of Blackberry’s most compelling advantages over Apple and Android.

The original benefit of Blackberry. Security has always been a top priority for Blackberry, as business professionals need to be able to count on their data being well protected. Blackberry is still more secure than Apple or Android devices, and because of this, many businesses continue to use Blackberry over other platforms

Physical keyboard
For those who do a lot of writing on their phones, having a touchscreen keyboard can take longer to use than a keyboard that offers tactile response. Many Blackberry’s offer built in physical keyboards for those who prefer buttons to touch screens.

Different styles
When it comes to the iPhone, or the Samsung Galaxy, while there are different colours, and more expensive models for those who require more memory, or a bigger screen, all phones are more or less identical in style. If it’s the newest iPhone you’re after, you don’t really have any ability to get a phone in a style that suits your needs or personality. You’ve only got the one option, whereas with Blackberry, there are many different styles of phones, so that you can find one more specifically tailored to your needs.

Cheaper than apple and Samsung flagship phones
While it wouldn’t really be accurate to say that Blackberries are cheap, they definitely are usually a more cost effective option that a flagship Apple or Samsung device, as a new Blackberry typically costs between $100-$200 less than an iPhone or Galaxy.

Easy music synching
While iPhones are meant only to be synced with iTunes, and Android phones don’t usually sync particularly easily with anything, Blackberries are able to easily sync with any music management software, including iTunes.

Square screen
While the narrow screens found on apple and android devices can be great for gaming and watching movies, they can be difficult to use when you actually want to get things done. Having a square screen, as seen on the Blackberry Passport, can enhance productivity for those who do a lot of writing and editing of documents on their phones.

Blackberry Messenger
The original free phone messenger, BBM was so well loved that it was the original inspiration for apps such as WhatsApp and Viber. It is still revered by Blackberry users around the world, and can even do things that some similar apps can’t, such as screen sharing.

Supports Flash
While iPhone has never natively supported Flash, and Android dropped support for it back in August 2012, a Blackberry would definitely be the phone to go with for anyone looking to consume Flash content on the go.

Clearly, there are many reasons why one might be better suited to a Blackberry than to an Apple or Android phone.

But to me I think Iphone is better what do you think!    more articles on this coming up soon stay tuned!

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