Samsung ch@t 222 Hard reset

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Learn more on hard reset.

If your samsung ch@t 222 is freezing,or you forgot your phone factory reset code.

Use the following codes,just type  it that is all,your phone will fully be reset,in a twinkle of an eye,There are actually two codes you can use to reset the password and phone setting.
Below are these codes. Type them in the phone and this should solve your problem.




The security code will be reset to 0000.
This will allow you to format the phone easily.

Here some tutotial how unlock phone, this work on many models:
Follow those steps:


Now your phone is unlock forever Permanent

your samsung ch@t 222 is now fully ok.

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Joshua Engr/Technician

Joshua Engr/Technician

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  1. I have a samsung RS21 frgdie / Freezer with Coolzone. The fan section has frozen up a few times. The first time I defrosted the whole frgdie freezer for 4 days, and the frgdie then worked fine for a couple of weeks before freezing up again. The second time I dismantled the back section of the frgdie and defrosted it thoroughly before re-assembling, but the fan has started to make the same noise again after a week or so. Is this due to faulty parts in the fan section and would your kit solve this problem?

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