Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, news and rumors

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, news and rumors

Update: New rumors suggest the Galaxy S7 will look mostly like the Galaxy S6, with only a few tweaks to the design and a new 3D Touch-like screen technology. It’s looking ever more likely that the Galaxy S7 will arrive earlier than expected, and may come with microSD support. Samsung has also announced a new camera sensor, which could be used in the phone. And we’ve seen both the rumoured Exynos 8890 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipsets benchmarked.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge reinvigorated the flailing smartphone brand, giving it a new lease of life with a fresh design and some brand new features.

Samsung is going to have to do a lot of work to be able to repeat the trick – but there’s much more that can be improved on in the new phone, so there’s plenty of scope.

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, news and rumors

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, news and rumors

We don’t expect to see the new handset until early 2016 though – usually Samsung takes time out in early March to announce its flagships at MWC in Barcelona, and we expect it to be the same again this year.

However, rumors about the new phone are already beginning to roll in, so here’s everything we’ve picked up so far.

Cut to the chase

What is it? The next flagship phone from Samsung’s Galaxy S line.
When is it out? Possibly as early as January 2016, failing that probably at MWC in late February.
What will it cost? Expect expensive – it’s bound to be one of the more costly phones to buy next year.

Samsung Galaxy S7 : 9jaextra Concept

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

When it comes to the new Samsung Galaxy S7, we want to see Samsung departing from the standard, blocky smartphone design. What we want this time is something innovative, something that pushes the boundaries and takes into account all the awesome technology Samsung keeps promising.

So here’s how we think it should shake down: techradar’s Galaxy S7, complete with all the technology Samsung has talked about, with a few of our own flourishes thrown in…

The main difference is, again, the screen. If Samsung is going to make a success of the Gear VR, it needs a better screen, and leaping forward to 8K will make looking at the display a pin-sharp experience.

The other big thing we’re hoping to finally see is the iris scanning technology that will supersede the fingerprint scanners we’re seeing in more and more phones. With dual hi-res scanning cameras on the front, with enhanced apertures, simply turning the phone screen on will confirm your identity.

The edges of the super-sharp screen are now properly pushed to the side of the phone, with the notifications now showing properly either side – the S6 Edge has the curves as decoration, but now they’re actually going to be used.

And bass-rich speakers on the top and bottom will utilise Samsung’s omni-sound technology to make the phone a true media marvel – no more backwards-facing tinny sound here.

Of course, TouchWiz still remains… but hey, there’s only so much we can hope for…

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date :
China Mobile has recently put a post up on social media showing all the big phone launches it expects to see in the coming months. The Samsung Galaxy S7was included under MWC 2016, suggesting the network knows a little bit more than it should be telling us.

Other sources have claimed it will launch at some point in February. What isn’t clear is whether Samsung will decide to wait until the end of that month to announce at Mobile World Congress or go earlier in the month to miss the phone rush.

Samsung has recently been unveiling its Galaxy S flagships at MWC and releasing them shortly after. In 2016 that’s February 22-25, so maybe that will be when we see it.

Given that Samsung has only just overhauled its flagship design for the Galaxy S6 we’re not expecting massive changes in the Samsung Galaxy S7. Any changes on the Galaxy S7 are expected to be small with a largely similar look to the Galaxy S6.

More news coming up!


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