Save #6000 and get Innjoo Note Black friday offer

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Jumia bringing the best friday ever just Save #6000 and get Innjoo Note Black friday offer,innjoo note is a good smart android phone with 4.4 kitkat os,camera Specifications‎:‎ 13MP AutoFocus Camera‎,‎ 5MP Front Camera,16gb internal memory,awesome phone.

N/B: Pay on delivery is included  

Another cool thing about this phone is that,the parts are available,and very cheap incase you mistakenly break or damage the phone

below after the video are price tag for spare parts.

Innjoo Warranty Policy‎:‎ 12 months warranty‎‎,‎‎ including 3 months free device swap with a new device‎‎.‎‎ After 3 months‎‎,‎‎ here are replacements costs ‎‎:‎‎

  1. Break of Touch Panel‎:‎ N 4‎,‎800
  2. Break of LCD‎:‎ N 6‎,‎200
  3. Break of Camera‎:‎ N 4‎,‎700
  4. Break of components‎(‎not including motherboard‎)‎‎:‎ N 3‎,‎800
  5. Break of motherboard‎:‎ N 8‎,‎500
  6. For every month after the purchase date‎,‎ add N800 for the amortization for the out of warranty charges‎.‎
  7. If the product is outside of warranty‎,‎ logistics charge of 1200NGN paid after reparation of the phone

Full features below

Key Features :

  • Operating System‎:‎ Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Camera Specifications‎:‎ 13MP AutoFocus Camera‎,‎ 5MP Front Camera
  • Type of Screen‎:‎ 5.5 Inch IPS HD Screen
  • Dual Sim
  • Memory‎:‎ 1GB RAM‎,‎ 16GB Internal Memory‎,‎ expandable to 32GB
  • Battery Life‎:‎ 3000mAh
  • Processor‎:‎ MTK Quad Core 1.3GHz‎,‎ GPU‎- Mali‎- 400MP
  • Colour‎:‎ Black
  • Free Swap For 3 Months + 12 Months Warranty
  • + 100MB Data
  • + 100% Bonus Data on 250MB and above x12 Months
  • + Data will be activated automatically by MTN within 5‎‎-10 working days
  • Free Swap For 3 Months + 12 Months Warranty

Buy Now Pay on delivery

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  1. Gr8 post. Couldn’t expect anything less. Really.Yes, the Nokia 808 Pureview is a true legend of a phone, camera-wise. In other climes and times, this would’ve been my de-facto phone to adopt. But it would be difficult for me to shell out hard premium cash for a device that has the spirit of a burning platform . True, the phone will do well for Photography enthusiast, and I dare-say professional photographers too! However, the future for Nokia, pending any eventualities is Windows phone. But it would have been great to try this camera beast. Even if it is only for nostalgia sake

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