Steps to Restore a MacBook Pro to Factory Settings

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Steps to Restore a MacBook Pro to Factory Settings

There are a number of reasons that you may want to reset your MacBook Pro to its factory settings. Perhaps you’re selling it and want to wipe your data off of it. Maybe it’s infected with a virus. Maybe it’s not working properly.

Here’s how to send your MacBook Pro back to square one:
Step 1

To start, make sure that all of your files are backed up elsewhere. When you revert your MacBook Pro back to factory settings, you will also be wiping out all of the data on your hard drive. If there is anything you want to keep, take the time to move it all onto an external hard drive.

Step 2
Once your files are backed up, shut down your MacBook Pro. Plug it into the AC adapter, and then boot it back up. Finally, press and hold “Command-R and Power key” (the “Command” and “R”  and Power keys at the same time) to start the restore process. Hold these keys until the Apple logo appears on the screen with Sound, then release the Power key and hold Command and R . You will be taken to Language window then select US English for main language.


Step 3

After that you will be taken to an alternative boot screen with a “Mac OS X Utilities” menu.



Step 4 Erase All The Data On Your Hard Drive 

Select your Macintosh hard drive on the left sidebar and Click on ERASE to delete all the data from your macbook. (* Name of the hard drive might be different, if you changed your hard drive name.)


Step 5 Reinstall The MAC OS X Operating System

Now your macbook is clean and there is nothing left. Before reinstalling the OS X operating system, you have to make sure that your mac is connected to internet because your macbook downloads the OS X operating system. Restart your macbook to reinstall MAC OS X operating system and Select “Reinstall OS X” and Click on Continue Button.


Once the reinstallation process is completed, you can either restart your computer, provide your Apple ID information, and start copying your files back over to the computer from your external hard drive, or you can turn the computer off and go about selling it to a new owner.

Please if you get sucked in any step write to us or comment below this post.

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