Microsoft Offers Up Replacements For Surface Pro Cords Due to Overheating Concerns

Surface Pro ,After a day or two of dropping hints, Microsoft this morning officially issued a voluntary recall for Surface Cord Pro AC power cords. Cables sold before March 15th of last year here in the States and Canada and before July 15th in other markets can be voluntarily returned to company in exchange for a new one.Surface Pro

The replacement program was instituted after overheating concerns were raised due to tightly wound units, which can become pinched or twisted over time. Redmond insists that the risk is minimal, but has taken action after consulting with safety regulators.

According to the company, “While there are no reports of serious injury, a small number of our customers have reported this issue and we are taking action to address by making free replacement cords available to all eligible customers.”

Concerned Surface Pro 2 and Pro 3 customers can sign up for the exchange program through Microsoft’s site. 

Source: Microsoft

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iOS 9.3 Beta Code Hints Apple iPhone 7 Might Not Have 3.5 mm Audio Jack:

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There have been rumors circulating on the Internet that Apple could include Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) technology in the iPhone 7’s design, which would give the smartphone faster connectivity. This was based on a supposed iOS 9.1 library code that a Twitter user named Chase Fromm stumbled upon.

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