Top 5 Reason why Tecno Is Still The Worst Android Phone Ever

Recently i have been advertising Tecno phone till many client,that knows am a phone expert,tackle me with many troubles they have been battling with there phones ,i come to realize,that Tecno have so many queries to answer ? for my customers because i advice many customer to go for there product,but  below i point out  Top 5 Reason why Tecno Is Still The Worst Android Phone Ever!


This is one of the major problems which many Tecno customer’s have suffered for, we have never heard of OS updates on any Tecno phone. Tecno rather makes new phones everyday, dumping their older customers in the dark while on the venture of getting new ones .They don’t even seem to even know how phone series work. They made N3, went back and made an advance version of the phone and named it P3 ,All same similarity, tecno phones lacks the ability to upgrade it operating system. Am really suprised that nothing has been done about this. Is it that you guys don’t have capable software engineers to fix this or what Any reasonable company that values its customers would have found a solution to this but i’m really suprised that nothing has been done so far. BBM now works on android but my friend’s tecno d3 can’t use BBM because he can’t upgrade his phone’s operating system. On like Samsung,lg which have ota update,direct with wifi or Samsung kies without rooting the phone. As samsung  image for ref:



Tecno have never used top quality screens for any of their devices. Even the new ‘top notch’ Tecno R7 sports a screen that has nothing to write home about. Tecno is oblivious of Gorilla Glass etc,all  is same, Few days Ago, one of my boss call me on which phone to buy on Tecno I recommended H7,after a week  he bought the phone ,accidentally fell of his hand as he is coming out his car,broken ,we went to the office,could you imaging ,that we were asked to pay for the screen ,almost half of the money we bought the phone,My boss was angry ,I was humiliated and disappointed ,because I pushed him to buy the phone,he didn’t change,

After that day another customer visited me ,his n9 screen and touch pad broken,they tell him to pay 17,000naira,and it not up to a year he bought the phone,that is to say : the phone is still on warranty, Please define warranty for me people ,because I know of a friend that his s5 samsung screen went blind and it was changed for him? At Samsung office.with his warranty,one of my customer bought infinix last week,it fell couldn’t come up,she went to the branch,they change the screen for her free of charge she was so happy,she told me the testimony,unlike her Tecno she couldn’t fix because of price…


Despite the fact that you guys improve on getting go keyboard ,still you produce a look alike H3 that is too small,and the keyboard are not responsive  at all,still the same just as M3,come on! ,Even the so called R7 keyboard are still not responsive,but check iphone 3 ,even iphone 2 keyboard is very responsive,even without dictionary,i can’t have any typing error,ask iphone users,



If you are game lover,always on internet guy,music fan, i guess you have to carry extra power bank and be going about town like a crazy lady or man,Tecno  brought up power bank to increase our battery life,Still with 5200mah power bank ,people still charge phones same day,when you browse,ping,play game and listen to music ,Tell me you forgot how you look like, when you carry 12000mah power bank because your battery wouldn’t last for days,and the 2200mah power bank is not serving you well ,you have to buy large size of power bank adding to your how many inch phone you got…………………


power banksI forgot the power bank ,that come with my friend f5 just stoped working,just like that,he have to go and buy huge 12000 mah power bank,a week after he start complaining is too big to carry to some places..


Tecno Phones Have No Special Features :Yes Your phones have no special features!. Your phones are not water and dust proof , they don’t have gorilla glass ,Tell me , which of your phones can you compare to,what is the different between Tecno M3 and H3 on the design,if not the os version you upgrade, H7 and H6 and other new Tecno try just on slim and flat but ,no curve design like LG FLEX



To be continued……………………………………


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