Tecno M3 Android Smartphone and Price In Nigeria

Tecno M3 android smartphone

I was contemplating getting a new Smartphone to boost my social morale and to always be with me in times of loneliness. I had to take out time to make research on which mobile OS and affordable Smartphone device would serve my needs and finally after several suggestions by friends and tech savvy individuals chose a smartphone that would finally be the best I’ve enjoyed so far.

The Android OS is sure the world’s leading mobile OS as at time of post and I had to bear that in mind before going for any smartphone because of the large number of apps available to it’s users. Other thoughts that flashed through my mind was the smartphone was to be a cheap and affordable one that won’t break the banks and yet with nice specifications.

To shorten this whole story, I came to a final conclusion of going for theTecno m3 Android smartphone, and below, I will be sharing my Tecno M3 Android smartphone  experience so far and why you.must have one.

Tecno M3

Tecno M3

Experience So Far With Tecno M3:


Tecno M3 is very handy and pocket friendly, which means you can have it on you without people noticing you have something called a phone on you. To me the most interesting feature of the phone I must say is the fact that it operates on a dual Sim mode, and this has allowed me to get in touch with my clients from two different networks on just one Smartphone. Isn’t this an amazing feature?


Seriously, having a 5MP primary camera and a 0.3MP secondary camera Smartphone isn’t bad for you if you love to take pictures at your leisure time as this can be done with Tecno M3 in just one click and swaps. On the same spot of snapping, you can always think of editing the pictures to suit your taste and make them look beautiful with every effect you can think of. It has got the Sepia, black and white, blurring and lots more effects.


It has a 3.5 inches of TFT touchscreen display, 320 x 480 pixels and this has made Gaming fun using this smartphone. Tecno M3 exposes you to the best gaming experience with its cool featured games. For example if you are playing the game called Temple run 2 as I do play it on my Tecno M3, you must agree with me that its more or less of a real life happening making the moves at the perfect time and also making the jumps as accurate as possible simply as a result of the great graphic display. Game and watching videos has never been better until you lay your hands on Tecno M3.

Android OS

I shouldn’t forget so soon, Tecno M3 runs the Android version (4.2.2) which means as at the time of publishing this post I can ping with Blackberry Messenger fully installed and functioning on my Android Smartphone, apart from the pinging I’m also liable to download any app of my choice from the list of 700,000 apps in the Google Play store, isn’t this a great opportunity owning a cheap commodity that works more than its price.


bbm on android

bbm on android

Must Read BBM for android now available

Its now your turn to let me know your views on the Tecno M3 android Smartphone by dropping your comments. Please, your sincere reviews would be gladly appreciated. Let us know your likes and dont’s so far.
Cheers and do not forget to share this review on your social media accounts.

PS: The Tecno M3 smartphone is sold at a cheap rate of a little below $100. That is to say not more than N15,000.

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