Three Major Reasons to Act on Your Teen’s Technology Addiction

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Three Major Reasons to Act on Your Teen’s Technology Addiction

Being a parent of a teen, there are a lot of fears and the areas where parents have to take action and to guide their teen. They have to communicate with their teen in a friendly way to explain something. There are some folks who don’t bother or care for small issues and turn a blind eye when their teens are using their smartphones continuously whether in texting or social media. There are a lot of dangers for the teens not only in the real world but also while being online.

Addiction of wrong technology can create the same result as being edited of drug and sitting the company of the wrong crowd. It means parents have to give proper and much longer time as expected to develop a real personality of their teen.

In this digital world, the teenage technology has become so powerful that parents have to be alert 24 hours in a day to create a healthy environment for their teens and to make them safe from the online and technology threat.

Some of the parents are used to asking the questions like:

If my teen has already done his homework then what could be so bad if he/she is sitting for playing games or texting for hours?

Here we will discuss three major reasons to act on your teen’s technology addiction.

  • Attention Deficits
  • Depression
  • Physical Health

Attention Deficits:

In these days, a lot of technologies are in the home for teens while doing their homework such as mobiles, laptops/computers and TV buzzing in the background. Most of them are multitasking. But over time, it can easily affect their brains, and they cannot even focus on the small things in their life.

The other result is that they are focusing on too many things at the same time that’s why cannot pay full attention anywhere. This multitasking or not providing the full attention to the particular task is a major result of decreasing the quality.

Another implication is that teens cannot find time to sit and still on the tasks. Off and on if they have to sit with stillness they complain of getting bored.


Addiction of technology can also depress the teens. That depression can be because of social media issues. These types of websites and social media can create a perception of other people’s “PERFECT” life and can easily distract and depress the teens especially girls.

Physical Health:

Addiction of technology can create health issues. Those adults and teens that are the addict of sitting continuously for hours still and silent can lack of exercise and healthy life. Without physical activities or exercise, the body and brain cannot work properly. Lacking of activity can create the biggest contributors to poor physical health. Lack of exercise can create high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, overweight and a lot other problems.

It can also link restlessness, especially in teens. If teens are suffering from technology addiction, all the responsibility comes on the parents.

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