Top 5 iOS 9 Features for iPads

Top 5 iOS 9 Features for iPads ,The iOS 9 update delivers five huge new iOS 9 iPad features that will change how you use your iPad and what you can do with it. These are a long time coming for the iPad, and some of these new iOS 9 features do come from Android roots, but that doesn’t mean they are any less useful.

Apple announced the iOS 9 update at WWDC 2015 with a pubic iOS 9 beta in July and a iOS 9 release date in the fall. If you cannot wait, you can try the iOS 9 beta today without waiting for the official release.

One surprise from the event is that the iPad 2 and iPad mini both get iOS 9 updates. In fact every device on iOS 8 will run iOS 9 this fall. One of the most spectacular iOS 9 iPad features is only coming to the newest iPad Air 2 but the rest of them should work on some older devices.

Top 5 iOS 9 Features for iPads

Top 5 iOS 9 Features for iPads

We may see some of these features come to a iPhone 6s Plus, thanks to the decent screen size, but for now Apple is focused on delivering more entertainment and more productivity on the iPad.

You don’t need any accessories to use the new features, but if you use an external Pad keyboard the new iPad multitasking feature that lets you use two items on-screen at once will stand out and the new keyboard shortcuts will help you stay productive as well.

Top 5 iOS 9 Features for iPads  are below:

  • Picture in Picture :

With Picture in Picture mode on the iPad in iOS 9 users can use FaceTime or watch a video while using another app. Instead of using a Split View mode that would leave a lot of black space in a video, this pops the video into a resizable window that you can place in a corner while you use another app.

There are some built-in controls to play or pause the video. Pinching or stretching makes the video window smaller or larger to fit your needs.

Apple includes a button to do this in the Videos app on the beta and while watching a video from iTunes a press of the home button puts the video or FaceTime call into Picture in Picture mode.

Only Apple apps support this in the beta, but we are hopeful that this will come to Watch ESPN, Netflix and other apps that we use to watch a lot of video.

  • Split View Multitasking :


The new iOS 9 iPad multitasking feature lets users run two apps side by side on the iPad. This makes it possible to work in one app and reference another. Switching back and forth is easy to do and Apple makes it easy to make one of the apps larger than the other.With Split View in iOS 9, the iPad Air 2 delivers greater productivity with or without an external keyboard.

Developers need to support these new features, but during the WWDC 2015 keynote Apple stated that many apps are already close to ready thanks to support for multiple screen sizes and states that the company introduced earlier

  • Slide Over Fast Access:


If you don’t need complete access to an app you can use Slide Over on the iPad with iOS 9 to use a smaller version of the app. This is almost like using the iPhone app on your iPad screen.

Slide in from the right side and choose the app you want to use. You can interact with it like it is open completely, but it only takes up a small section of your screen.

When you are done slide it back over and go back to your main task. Currently this works on Apple apps in the beta, but developers can add support for Slide Over in iOS 9.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts & External Support:
iOS-9-iPad-Features-Keyboard Shortcuts & External Support

iOS-9-iPad-Features-Keyboard Shortcuts & External Support

Apple also supercharges the iPad keyboard in iOS 9 with new shortcuts that sit to the left and right of the QuickType predictions. Users can tap on these to format a post, quickly copy and paste and more. Some of these will vary based on the app you are using. Mail includes an attachment shortcut for instance.

In addition to the new options while using the on-screen keyboard, there are updated features that allow users to quickly use keyboard shortcuts while using an external keyboard. This includes an app switcher and faster search from a Bluetooth iPad keyboard.

  • Touchpad Hidden in the Keyboard :
iOS-9-iPad-Features-Touchpad Hidden in the Keyboard

iOS-9-iPad-Features-Touchpad Hidden in the Keyboard

Hold down two fingers on the keyboard to switch to a touchpad that makes selecting text in a document easier. Spread your fingers apart to select more text without a lot of needless scrolling on the page.

This is not a complete mouse replacement, and it isn’t like Apple added a mouse to the iPad with iOS 9, but for users who spend a lot of time working in documents on the iPad it is an excellent addition to the iPad.

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