Windows 9 Preview First Screen shots

windows 9 preview first screen shots is here,Microsoft wants with Windows 9 “Threshold” to implement a variety of innovations, including among other things a new start menu for desktop users, the ability to use modern apps in windowed mode and also a multi-desktop feature. Now we present screenshots confirm many of the innovations

Windows 9 Technical Preview: First screenshots show new :Windows 9 Preview First Screen shots

A contact that as an employee of a Microsoft partner has access by its own account on the prerelease versions of the new operating system, and some other media has sent a package with a total of 21 screenshots that will show the so-called Windows Technical Preview. The sheer amount of screenshots and the many details they show seem to confirm their authenticity. It is in the build shown to version 9834, which was created on September 8, 2014 and distributed to various Microsoft partner since yesterday evening. It is a partner-Build, which was therefore issued to various companies and Goßkunden, which work closely with Microsoft and so do not have the hardware provider or operator of tens of thousands of computer workstations have a direct influence on the development of Windows.
In the screenshots is among other things the new Start menu to see in the classic view – that is, a representation as in Windows 7 and in some earlier versions – and the live tiles of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are combined. Also, to see how apps from the Windows Store can be used in a window mode now.



There are also new icons for programs like Windows Explorer and is now also a notification system, as we know it from mobile computers and smartphones. In addition, some functions will no longer contained the Charms bar were installed in the system tray, so that you can now get there, among other things access to the search function. Also included is apparently a way to use multiple desktop workspaces to which you can distribute programs. The Windows shown Technical Preview is supposed to be one of the last builds before the expected shortly public release of the first preview version of Windows 9 “Threshold” is to be .Even the operating system should have many faults, at least in this issue, because a lot of features are not implemented yet stable and only the technical foundations were created for their use.

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